Technical Advisory Board

Brian Fagan
Position: Technical Advisory Board

Mr. Fagan has over 30 years experience in the formation, financing, and day-to-day management of publicly traded junior mineral exploration companies. As president, CEO, and COO of several mineral exploration companies, he has conceptualized and managed exploration programs in Canada, USA, Mexico, and Argentina. For the ten year period ended 31 December 2004, as editor of The Fagan Report, a mining stock advisory newsletter, he was a frequent TV, radio, newspaper, and media commentator on the subject of gold and gold mining stocks, as well as a speaker at many related conferences. Having recently returned to North America from an 18-month engagement managing a mineral exploration company in Northwest Argentina, Mr. Fagan is presently the editor and publisher of Stocks and Speculations, a financial newsletter specializing in natural resource stocks.

John S. Watt, C.A.
Position: Technical Advisory Board

Mr. Watt is a retired Chartered Accountant with over 39 years of business experience. He presently serves as Chief Financial Officer for one other Canadian public junior mining company, and served as Condor's Chief Financial Officer, from 2009 through 2014.