Board of Directors

Francisco de Undurraga
Position: Director

Mr. De Undurraga is a resident of Santiago, Chile, and a significant shareholder of the Company.

Mr. de Undurraga is a member of the board of Sundance Investment LLC, a company controlled by Citigroup Venture Capital International (CVCI), operating in oil exploration in the Peruvian Amazonia since 2006. He is also the founder and Chairman of FIP Ariston Cima, a private investment fund based in Santiago, Chile, since 2004, and managed by BTG Pactal, one of the most important South American investment banks. Ariston Cima manages diversified investments in the forestry, real estate, oil and mining exploration and financial sectors.

Mr. de Undurraga has had an extensive corporate executive career, holding positions as senior executive and CEO in several Chilean based companies that include Enersis and Laboratorio Chile, both with wide international operations in South America and listed on the Santiago Stock Exchange and NYSE as well.

Mr. de Undurraga originally graduated as Civil-Industrial Engineer from the Universidad de Chile in Santiago, and subsequently graduated in Nuclear Engineering from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Madrid, Spain. He also graduated from the Stanford Executive Program at Stanford University in California.