Project Maps/Results

Maps/Results (Andrea Maps)

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Maps/Results (Quilca-Quilsane Maps)

Quilca-Quilsane Location Map Quilca-Quilsane Project Map

Maps/Results (Humaya Maps)

Humaya Geochemistry Au Humaya Geochemistry Ag Humaya Geochemistry Cu Humaya Location Map Humaya Alteration Map Humaya Structural & Metallogenic Setting Map

Maps/Results (Ocros)

March 2018 Mag Survey Location Map Mag Survey - Susceptibility Map Mag Survey Map with Cross Section Locations Mag Survey 3D Cross Section 430 Mag Survey 3D Cross Section 433 Minera Virgen July 2017 - 1st drillhole Ocros First Drillhole 2016 Ocros Proposed Drillholes September 2016 OCROS Model of Copper Alteration Ocros Alteration Map OCROS Drillhole Locations 2008 OCROS Geochemistry Copper OCROS Geochemistry Gold OCROS Geochemistry Silver Ocros Lithology Map

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