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Base camp with helipad located in center of the Au-Cu mineralized system. Pucayacu Au-Cu Mineralized Zone -- showing helipad at main base camp Pucayaco - Copper Falls Pucayacu Zone - Phyllic Alterations Pucayacu Zone Rock Samples Pucayacu Zone Leached Capping in QFP Pucayacu Zone Rock Samples Pucayacu Zone Phyllic Altered QFP Yuracyacu Precious and Base Metal Mineralized Target Yuracyacu Mineralization Yuracyacu - Creek Samples of Bedrock Yuracyacu Quartz Vein Mineralization Yuracyacu Target Yuracyacu Rock Sample Results Yuracyacu Rock Samples Yuracyacu Banded Quartz-carbonate-sulphide Vein

Gallery (Ocros)

Oxidized wallrock from 200 Level Adit. Note potasic alteration and stockworks of quartz magnetite and copper sulphides Feldspar-hornblende porphyry from 150 Level Adit. Note intense potasic alteration with secondary biotite and magnetite-chalcopyrite bornite From 200 Level Adit. Alteration, with chalcopyrite-bornite and quartz-magnetite-copper sulphide stockwork Ocros sample, showing intense alteration. Quartz-biotite-magnetite-chalcopyrite-bornite, with stockwork of magnetite-chalcopyrite-bornite Adit wallrock, with potassic alteration, and massive chalcopyrite and bornite Oxidized wallrock from 200 Level Adit, with intense dark potassic alteration and clear stockworks/veinlets View from inside 150 Level Adit Drill hole OCR-001, 2007 Looking from the location of OCR-002, with OCR-001 just visible in the background View of the Ocros Property Potassic alteration in quartz-feldpsar porphyry intrusive with secondary biotite and copper mineralization Peripheral quartz-carbonate vein with abundant copper Altered intrusive with quartz-sericite-limonites and copper mineralization Colour anomaly in the central part of the property

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